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March 1, 2020: Sacrament of the Altar

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Catechesis Notes for the Week —Psalm 71—A Prayer against the Enemies Who Seek to Destroy Faith—Psalm 71 speaks of countless enemies who are seeking to destroy the psalmist. When we pray the psalm, few of us may think we have such enemies.  In truth, Christians have many voices of unbelief that are set against them.  In these latter days it is not simply that people don’t believe the Gospel, but rather, there are those who fight against our faith in Christ and seek to destroy it.  We see this throughout Jesus’ passion. The chief priests and elders of the people were set against Him. The scribes and pharisees hated His doctrine.  The Gentile Romans laughed at and taunted Him.  Even His disciples fled from Him during His time of need.  Jesus was not put to shame because He trusted in His Father with all His heart.  Jesus fulfilled all righteousness for our salvation.  In the face of enemies bent to destroy our faith, we cling to Christ and confess His righteousness as our salvation until the day we die.  It is Christ alone who comforts us.  It is Christ alone who gives us hope and peace.  It is Christ alone in whom we place all our confidence.  Therefore, even though there are enemies marshalled against our faith in Christ and seek to destroy us, we rejoice in Him, confess His righteousness to others and dwell confidently in His redeeming work.  No one who trusts in Him will ever be put to shame.CP200301

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March 1, 2020: The 1st Sunday in Lent/Invocabit Sunday

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February 26, 2020: Ash Wednesday, Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

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