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July 15, 2018: Sacrament of the Altar

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Catechesis Notes for the Week — This week’s Bible Stories: Marriage and Family—How do we teach our children that they may be protected from the wickedness of same-sex unions, divorce, and the devaluing of human life?  We begin with our preschool and elementary age children, reading the words of Jesus on marriage, divorce, children, and family as He teaches us in this week’s Bible stories from St. Mark.  We emphasize that God’s gifts and God’s way for marriage and family is good, wonderful, and an opportunity for our new life in Christ to be lived out in sacrificial love for others.  That begins with our spouse and our children as God ordained marriage and family to be.  In Jesus Teaches on Marriage and Divorce, He teaches us the sanctity of marriage.  God is the creator of marriage.  It is His good gift.  When human beings break apart marriage as God ordained it, it is because of sin and unbelief.  In Jesus Blesses the Children, He teaches us that all of human life and the gift of children are sacred.  Children are not only to be protected, but they are to be given the gift of salvation and the blessing of Jesus through Baptism.  In the story of the Rich Young Ruler, we see an example of the problem of sin that infects the world.  His self-righteousness and pride caused Him only to think about himself and what he wanted.  The love that fulfills the Law of God is always chiefly concerned about the salvation and well-being of others.  This we see in the final Bible story for the week as Jesus Predicts His Death a Third Time.  He is the faithful and heavenly bridegroom who lays down His life for His bride, the Church. In Baptism we become His children. CP180715

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July 15, 2018: The 7th Sunday after Trinity

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July 15, 2018: The Seventh Sunday after Trinity, Mark 8:1-9

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