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May 21, 2017: The Table of Duties— To Employers and Supervisors; To Youth

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Catechesis Notes for the Week—To Employers and Supervisors—Christian employers and supervisors are also to be governed in their work by their faith in the Gospel.  This is the meaning of the phrase “in the same way.”  In the same way that workers are led by their faith in the Gospel to be faithful in their work, employers and supervisors are to be led by the Gospel in their conduct toward their workers.  A Christian employer is not to threaten, coerce, or abuse his workers.  This does not mean that a Christian employer has to put up with laziness or shoddy workmanship from his employees.  Faith in God’s grace and forgiveness does not mean tolerating sin, malfeasance, or neglect of one’s duties.  Faith in God’s grace and forgiveness means that the Christian employer administers his office within the secular kingdom fairly, impartially, and for the welfare of his other employees and customers.  If a worker requires discipline or needs to be fired because of failures in the workplace, such actions are not taken out of vengeance but with the understanding that Christ is the “Master” of both the employer and the employee and “there is no favoritism with Him.”  A worker who is derelict in his duties must be disciplined or removed from his work, not primarily because he is stealing from his employer (which he is), but because his failures hinder the capacity of his employer to serve others in love with the services and work his business provides.

To Youth—“Submission” and “humility” are not terms that any of us naturally gravitate toward. The sinful flesh wants to submit to no one and is filled with arrogance and pride. If the sinful flesh doesn’t get its way, it rebels. Where does the will to “submit” and “humble one’s self” come from? It comes from faith in the Gospel. Our Lord Jesus submitted Himself as a young man, because He trusted in His Father who promised to do good through His submission. He humbled Himself to the point of death on the cross because, He trusted His Father to do good through His suffering. When youth are admonished to submit to their elders and humble themselves before them, they are really being invited to trust God to do them good in their office as youth, even though they may have to endure things that they don’t agree with or enjoy. The way of faith is always the way of deference toward others. This we learn to believe through the faithful reception of the Gospel and Sacrament of our Lord.  [Reprinted from Lutheran Catechesis: Catechist Edition]

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