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March 18, 2018: Table of Duties— What the Hearers Owe Their Pastors

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Catechesis Notes for the Week— What the Hearers Owe Their Pastors—The second half of this section of the Table of Duties highlights the respect and honor pastors are to receive because of the work God has given them to do. They are called to preach the Gospel, judge doctrine, administer the Sacraments, remit and retain sin, and guard the flock from the assaults of false doctrine and impenitence. They are accountable to God for being faithful to what He has called them to do. “Hearers of God’s Word” are to respect and honor their pastors, not because they have no sin or short-comings, but because of their office and their faithfulness in the work that they are called to do on the Lord’s behalf. [Reprinted from Lutheran Catechesis: Catechist Edition] CP180318

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March 18, 2018: The 5th Sunday in Lent/ Judica Sunday

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March 18, 2018: Judica Sunday, The Fifth Sunday in Lent, Genesis 22:1-14

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