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February 17, 2019: Sacrament of the Altar

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Catechesis Notes for the Week — Praying the Psalms: Psalm 20—Prayer to Seek the Lord’s Help from His Sanctuary—When we pray for God’s help, deliverance, and guidance we need to know where it is found.  Psalm 20 teaches us that the Lord’s help comes from His Divine Service, the sanctuary, out of Zion, where the congregation gathers around the Lord’s Word and Sacraments and, on the basis of His Word, offer their prayers and the sacrifices of a broken and contrite heart for His healing, comfort, strength, and guidance.  Because God the Father has accepted the offering of His Son and saved Him on account of His righteous sacrifice, the Lord will save us who are united to Christ by faith.  Those who trust in the wisdom and strength of this world will fall, but those who trust in the Lord and live from His Divine Service will live and stand with Him in the resurrection.CP190217

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February 17, 2019: Septuagesima Sunday

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February 10, 2019: The Transfiguration of Our Lord, Matthew 17:1-9

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