Peace Lutheran Church Sussex, Wisconsin

Congregation at Prayer: December 22, 2019

Creed — the 2nd Article

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Catechesis Notes for the Week — (Christmas Psalm 96 The walk through the psalms resumes after Christmas) “The 96th psalm is a prophecy of the kingdom of Christ in the world, in which there will be nothing but joy and praise…In it, all the nations, lands, people, forests, seas, trees are called to worship.  They should praise and thank the Lord because He judges and rules with righteousness and truth.  That is, He delivers us from sins and all that sin brings with it, such as death, hell, the power of the devil, and all that is evil.  This is the new song of the new kingdom from new creatures, from a new people, not born of the Law or works but born of God and Spirit.  These are nothing less than miracles, done in Christ Jesus.” Martin Luther CP191222