Peace Lutheran Church Sussex, Wisconsin

Congregation at Prayer: December 8, 2019

Lord’s Prayer — 4th Petition

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Catechesis Notes for the Week — Psalm 62: A Prayer against Those Who Delight in Tearing Others Down—Self-righteousness and pride is the perennial disease of our sinful flesh, because of it, the Old Adam delights in tearing others down and exalting one’s self.  This prayer against such pride and arrogance is also a prayer for every Christian to realize the self-righteousness that lurks within his nature, to confess it, and to abide in the humility of faith.  For the Christian our hope is in God alone.  We rely upon His power.  We trust in His mercy.  We wait silently for Him.  We know that we are but a vapor, a breath that soon dissipates into nothing.  Where there is self-righteousness and pride, there will be the destruction of others.  Where there is faith in the Lord Jesus, who humbled Himself in service to the neighbor, even to the point of death, there will be compassion and concern for others ahead of one’s self.  The way of faith is clear: Christ alone is our salvation and our glory; He alone is the rock of our strength and our refuge.CP191208