Peace Lutheran Church Sussex, Wisconsin

Congregation at Prayer: November 17, 2019

Lord’s Prayer— Introduction and 1st Petition

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Catechesis Notes for the Week — Psalm 59: A Prayer of Christ Against the Enemies of the Lord—Psalm 59 is yet another prayer of David during that period in which Saul sought to destroy him.  The entire psalter was not only known and prayed by our Lord Jesus, but the psalms also speak of Him.  The words of Psalm 59, especially, belong in the mouth of Christ.  When we understand it first as His prayer to His Father, then we are enabled to pray it through faith in Jesus.  Look at how the words rightly belong in Jesus’ mouth: “Deliver me from my enemies, O my God; defend me from those who rise up against me. Deliver me from the workers of iniquity, and save me from bloodthirsty men. For look, they lie in wait for my life; the mighty gather against me, not for my transgression nor for my sin, O Lord. They run and prepare themselves through no fault of mine…  But You, O Lord, shall laugh at them….” These words rightly belong in Jesus’ mouth as He faces those who ultimately wanted to destroy Him.  In the end, however, we learn how faith in Christ both thinks and prays by the pattern of Jesus’ prayers.  In Christ we are declared righteous and therefore have the right to approach the throne of grace, through Christ, when we are attacked in the same way that He was. CP191117