Peace Lutheran Church Sussex, Wisconsin

Congregation at Prayer: May 17, 2020

Table of Duties — To Employers and Supervisors; To Youth

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Catechesis Notes for the Week —Psalm 78:52-72—The Faithfulness of the Lord in Shepherding His Flock—The final section of Psalm 78 emphasizes the image of the Old Testament Church as a flock that is faithfully guided and cared for by the Lord, like a shepherd who tends his flock.  The pattern of the Children of Israel rebelling against the Lord continues in this final section of the psalm. It rehearses more of Israel’s history—from their sojourn to the Mountain of the Lord to receive the Lord’s testimony, to the Lord’s conquest of the land of Canaan on their behalf, to His election of the tribe of Judah and the selection of David to be their king and a type of Christ, the Lord was faithful to them. Like a flock that ran away from its shepherd and wandered into danger, the children of Israel continued their pattern of rebellion. Nevertheless, the Lord was their faithful Shepherd. Though “they tested and provoked the Most High God, and did not keep His testimonies, but turned and acted unfaithfully like their fathers,” yet the Lord disciplined and chastened them to bring about their repentance and return to His salvation.  The Lord chose David to be their king, “to shepherd Jacob His people, and Israel His inheritance.” David became a prophetic picture of Christ, the Good Shepherd, who would lay down His life to save the rebellious flock. “So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands.”  CP200517