Peace Lutheran Church Sussex, Wisconsin

Congregation at Prayer: May 3, 2020

Table of Duties — To Parents and Children

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Catechesis Notes for the Week —Psalm 78:1-25—Prayer to Understand the Lord’s Parable and Dark Sayings—What a mystery the Gospel is! In response to our rebellion and fighting against God, He gives us His Son to bear the wrath that we deserve! This is the “parable” and the “dark sayings of old” of which the Psalm of Asaph speaks. The mystery of the Gospel of God’s love goes all the way back into the Old Testament and the Lord’s dealings with the children of Israel. He redeemed them from slavery and was faithful to them, despite their rebellion against Him.  Psalm 78 calls us to remember the Lord’s faithfulness in His gracious and saving acts for the rebellious children of Israel, so that we might tell our children and succeeding generations the “mystery of His love.” We recite the history of the Lord’s salvation for His people, so that we do not forget and so that we live in humble repentance and faith. We are called to see the example of His faithfulness to Israel, so that we do not forget His works or turn away from His Word as they did. It is the Lord who delivered them through the Red Sea, led them by the glory cloud, fed them with manna from heaven, and gave them to drink water from the Rock! He was faithful to them, especially when they rebelled against Him, even though they were faithless. These are the “dark or hard sayings.” They kindled His wrath, but He answered them with mercy by striking the Rock to quench their thirst. Is this not the mystery of the Gospel? We deserve His wrath for our rebellion, yet He strikes His own Son upon the cross instead of us, giving us to eat of His body and to drink of His blood for our salvation. No wonder the psalmist says that we are to make this known to our children and to tell it to the generation to come, that they also might know the mystery of God’s love and faithfulness. CP200503