Peace Lutheran Church Sussex, Wisconsin

Additional Recordings

Sunday School Teachers’ Meetings

     09/17/2018          10/2/2018



     10/1/2018:  Lesson 1          10/8/2018: Lesson 2          10/15/2018: Lesson 3


Sunday Bible Class

     10/7/2018:  The Second Commandment (Part 1)          10/14/2018:  The Second Commandment (Part 2)

     10/21/2018: The Creed—The Second Article


Issues Etc. Catechesis Series (featuring Pastor Peter Bender)

9/4/2018: Catechesis: What is Catechesis? 

9/19/2018:  Catechesis: Jesus the Catechist 

9/24/2018: Catechesis: The What and Why of the Catechism 

9/26/2018: Catechesis: Creating a Culture of Catechesis in the Congregation

10/1/2018: Catechesis: First Communion and Confirmation Rites, Part 1

10/3/2018: Catechesis: First Communion and Confirmation Rites, Part 2

10/8/2018: Catechesis: The Rich Man & Lazarus and the First Table of the Law

10/16/2018: Catechesis: The First Commandment, the Three Men in the Fiery Furnace, and Jesus’ Temptation

Additional recordings available through Issues Etc. On Demand Archive: