Peace Lutheran Church Sussex, Wisconsin

News Story: August 18, 2014

Didache begins Monday, Sept. 22 at 7pm

“Didache” means “teaching” and signifies the foundational teaching that we as Lutheran Christians believe, teach, and confess. Didache is a twenty-four week, intensive course in the Bible, Catechism, and Liturgy of the Church for the spiritual renewal of our adult members, all new members of the congregation, perspective members, new Academy parents, and for those who simply want to learn more about what we believe and why we worship the way we do. If you haven’t been to Didache before, or if you are a new member, or if you are interested in membership, this course is for you! For more information or if you are in need of childcare or babysitting on Monday nights so that you and your spouse can attend, please speak to Pastor Bender.