Peace Lutheran Church Sussex, Wisconsin

News Story: June 26, 2020

6/26/2020 Update – Adjustments to Service Times

Starting on Saturday, June 27, a change is being made to the services offered on Saturday.   Services will be reduced to only one service at 5:00 pm.  As we work back toward our former schedule, we are eliminating the 3:15 service on Saturday.  Services on Sunday will continue as before with an early service at 7:45 am, Bible Class at 9:15 am, and a late service at 10:30 am.

Bible Class has worked well outdoors on the patio.  For those who wish to be especially cautious of gathering, Sunday morning Bible Class at 9:15 am is a great option.  We’re outdoors and can spread out on the lawn and patio while still delighting in the opportunity for catechesis.

Chapel services continue at 8am weekdays, followed by a brief communion service for those who wish to receive.  Chapel runs through July 10, after which there will be a break.  Regular chapel services (without the Lord’s Supper) will resume August 17, the week before school starts.  

Sunday services have been full.  Please continue to phone or email the office to reserve a spot so that we can ensure adequate distance between families: 262-246-3200 or  Because we want to make room for as many people as possible on Sunday, please pay attention to where you choose to sit so that there is room for others.  For families smaller than 5, we can easily fit four per pew (two couples; or a group of three people on one end, with one on the other end).  

Remember that the Gerhardt Room is available for those who have a need to be in a space that is more separated.  Pastor will commune those in Gerhardt Room first.  

Current Schedule

Divine Service (with common cup)
     Sat 5:00 pm, limit of 70 people
     Sun 7:45 am, limit of 70 people
     Sun 10:30 am, limit of 70 people

Bible Class (Outdoors on the Patio)
     Sun 9:15 am, limit of 600 people or so

Divine Service (with individual cups)
     Mon 7:00 pm, limit of 25 people
     Wed 6:45 pm, limit of 50 people

Chapel (with Lord’s Supper afterwards)
     Mon – Fri 8:00 am, through July 10