Peace Lutheran Church Sussex, Wisconsin

News Story: August 24, 2020

Fall Service Schedule

Divine Service:  Preaching and the Lord’s Supper
5:00pm Saturday
7:45am Sunday
10:30am Sunday
6:45pm Wednesday
       (Chalice is offered at all services.
         Individual cups will also be offered at
         7:45 service on 2nd & 4th Sundays,
         10:30 service on 1st & 3rd Sundays,
         and on Wednesday evenings.
         Those with special concerns are encouraged
         to speak with Pastor.)

Sunday Bible class
9:15 between the services 
Sept/Oct — the theology of the Lutheran Day School
beginning in Oct — Old Testament Catechesis

Didache:  Lutheran Catechesis followed by the Lord’s Supper
10:30am Monday (beginning Sept 14)

Coffee Break Bible Study (resuming Sept 10)
8:00am Thursday — Matins followed by the Lord’s Supper
9:00 am — class in the nave

Chapel using Congregation at Prayer,
with Matins on Thursdays
8:00am Mon-Fri, when school is in session



Through the week:
5:00 Saturday       Divine Service
7:45 Sunday          Divine Service
9:15 Sunday           Bible class
10:30 Sunday        Divine Service
8:00 Monday         chapel
10:30 Monday       Didache Divine Service
8:00 Tuesday         chapel
8:00 Wednesday    chapel
6:45 Wednesday    Divine Service
8:00 Thursday       chapel (Matins)
8:30 Thursday       Lord’s Supper
9:00 Thursday      Coffee Break Bible Study
8:00 Friday           chapel