Peace Lutheran Church Sussex, Wisconsin

News Story: April 9, 2020

** Thursday 4/9 Update – Service Schedule: Holy Week and Following **

The schedule of services has been planned for the period following Easter Monday.  Please see the information below for a listing of service times for the current and upcoming weeks.

Holy Week Through Easter Monday

Services for Holy Week through Easter Monday will continue as previously planned:

Maundy Thursday

Noon, 6:00 pm, and 7:00 pm (with live streaming)

Good Friday (without Holy Communion)

Noon, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 3:00 pm (with live streaming)

Holy Saturday Vigil (Confirmations will be celebrated on Pentecost)

6:00 pm (with live streaming; limited seating)

Easter Sunday

7:45 am, 9:15 am, 10:30 am (with live streaming), and 11:45 am

Easter Monday (with Easter Sunday sermon)

8:00 am, 11:00 am, Noon, and 6:30 pm


Printed copies of the Maundy Thursday through Easter Vigil service may be found at this link:


The bulletin for Easter Sunday may be accessed with the link on the web site home page, or by following this link:

Week of April 14-17

During Easter week (April 14-18) chapel will be at held only at 8:00am with The Lord’s Supper via common cup for those who desire it.  (The 11:00 am and 12:00 pm services will not be offered in order to allow Pastor Bender to take some time off.)

The Wednesday 6:45 pm service will resume on April 15.  The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated with individual cups.


Week of April 19-25

The week of April 19 we will return to a similar schedule followed prior to Holy Week:

Daily Chapel (Common Cup):

Monday through Friday at 8:00 and Noon 


Weekday Divine Services (individual cup):

Monday through Friday at 11:00 am

Wednesday at 6:45 pm


Weekend Divine Services (common cup):

3:30 pm  Saturday                                       7:45 am  Sunday

4:30 pm  Saturday (live stream)               9:15 am  Sunday

5:30 pm  Saturday                                       10:30 am  Sunday (live stream)

6:30 pm  Saturday                                       11:45 am  Sunday



In-home communion for shut-ins and those who request it.

  • Call the church office to request a visit

Make use of the Congregation at Prayer at Home

  • When you are at home, set aside time to regularly and faithfully pray and read the Scriptures utilizing the Congregation at Prayer. Know that while you are doing this in your homes with your families, the rest of the congregation is united with you in faith and prayer.

Check the website each week for recordings of sermons and services, videos of services which have been live streamed, devotions from Pastor Bender, and updates from the leadership of the congregation. Our website is: Our administrative group will do everything we can to supply information to the elderly and others who do not have internet access.


Call the church office (262-246-3200) to reserve a spot at any of the services listed above.  As much as possible, the calendar on the Peace website is kept up to date.


The Bulletin, Congregation at Prayer, and Sermon are available from the home page of the website: .


Additional recordings are available at:

  • Peace website, home page, then navigate to Downloads > Additional Recordings:
  • Full length recordings of select services are available at the Peace Podcast site:

Live Stream and Video Playback of select services are available at the Peace YouTube channel: